you could be next




screen shot

speak "fiveseconds,fiveseconds,fiveseconds,fiveseconds,fiveseconds,threeseconds,longjump"

alias vol_00 "alias volup vol_01;alias voldn vol_00;echo ---[OFF]--;volume 0.0"
alias vol_01 "alias volup vol_02;alias voldn vol_00;echo *---------;volume 0.1"
alias vol_02 "alias volup vol_03;alias voldn vol_01;echo -*--------;volume 0.2"
alias vol_03 "alias volup vol_04;alias voldn vol_02;echo --*-------;volume 0.3"
alias vol_04 "alias volup vol_05;alias voldn vol_03;echo ---*------;volume 0.4"
alias vol_05 "alias volup vol_06;alias voldn vol_04;echo ----*-----;volume 0.5"
alias vol_06 "alias volup vol_07;alias voldn vol_05;echo -----*----;volume 0.6"
alias vol_07 "alias volup vol_08;alias voldn vol_06;echo ------*---;volume 0.7"
alias vol_08 "alias volup vol_09;alias voldn vol_07;echo -------*--;volume 0.8"
alias vol_09 "alias volup vol_10;alias voldn vol_08;echo --------*-;volume 0.9"
alias vol_10 "alias volup vol_10;alias voldn vol_09;echo ---------*;volume 1.0"
bind X volup
bind Y voldn
vol_10 // set default to max volume

// Z buffer half range, but no clears (saves fill rate)
gl_ztrick 1
// Use overbright colored lighting (on/off)
gl_overbright 1
// Turns on/off backface culling
gl_cull 1
// Smooth (gouraud) shading on models (on/off)
gl_smoothmodels 1
// No perspective correction on models if faster (on/off)
gl_affinemodels 0
// Screen flash effects (on/off)
gl_polyblend 1
// Dynamic lights drawn as additive circles instead of lightmaps (circles=1/lightmaps=0)
gl_flashblend 0
// Divide player skin size by 2^n (unsupported at this time)
gl_playermip 0
// Don't bind separately colored textures for players (unsupported) (on/off)
gl_nocolors 0
// Stochastically dither 24-bit images since the driver will truncate them to 565 (on/off)
gl_dither 1
// Use alpha blends on alpha-tested sprites to smooth out pixel-hole edges (on/off)
gl_spriteblend 1
// Amount of offset to apply to decals (0 disables)
gl_polyoffset 4
// Apply lightmaps to alpha tested surfaces with holes (on/off)
gl_lightholes 1
// Show the overdraw meter (3Dfx only)
gl_overdraw 0
// Keep collinear points added by QCSG/QBSP to fix T-junctions (on/off)
gl_keeptjunctions 1
// Amplitude of waves in GL (temporary)
//gl_wateramp 0.4
// Max texture size is 256x256
gl_max_size 256

bind "shift" "+decentjump"